Science Strategy

Modern science, technology, and innovation require collaboration and partnership at scale to take on global challenges and provide tangible solutions. The Science Strategy team facilitates this work across UChicago’s science, engineering, and innovation landscape.

Driving collaboration

Our team works closely with faculty, deans, senior leadership, administrative units, and outside partners to facilitate ideas with great potential for innovation and impact that require deep, seamless collaboration. Together, we help University experts:

Identify and foster ambitious opportunities to expand the reach of science, technology, and innovation

We support university leadership and faculty as they develop and articulate ideas for new scientific, engineering, and technology initiatives. We identify intersecting opportunities that span institutions and execute early implementation plans and communications campaigns.

Develop partnerships and drive funding to science and engineering
We identify and develop partnerships with industry, government, donors, and global partners through direct engagement, driving integrated funding strategies, and creating solutions for modern funding challenges.

Assess and advance collective science and technology activities
We efficiently assess project viability and jump-start opportunities that do not have a natural home, facilitating seamless partnerships across the university by clearing administrative hurdles and creating supporting written content.

Science strategy collaboration

Anna Szabo

Associate Director of Science Strategy

Phone: 773.702.3286

Katie Rosengarten

Assistant Director of Science Strategy and Partnerships

Phone: 773.834.5132

Julia Lane

Assistant Vice President for Science

Administrative Coordinator:
Tatiana Butler

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