Industry Relations

The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation fosters collaborations with an extensive network of commercial and venture contacts, building relationships and establishing connections that are essential to successfully advancing innovation within the University and the region.

Collaboration Opportunities

The Polsky Center can provide you with information about partnerships, new ventures and helping to advance the University of Chicago’s cutting-edge research. Explore some of our resources and opportunities to partner with corporations and external sponsors below.

  • Sponsored Research: The Polsky Center can connect you with a company interested in sponsoring your research.
  • Startup Investment: The Polsky Center can provide “first looks” and early access to investors and companies interested in your startup.
  • Master Collaboration Agreements: The Polsky Center can work with companies who are interested in a comprehensive approach to interacting with the University of Chicago and investing in your research.

To learn more, visit the Polsky Center industry relations website.

Technology and Licensing

The Polsky Center manages the University of Chicago’s technology portfolio and we help identify partners interested in licensing technologies and inventions based on faculty research. Disclosing your invention is the first step in the process for protecting and commercialization your invention. Our team will work closely with both the industry partner and the faculty member through the diligence and licensing process.

To get started, contact the Polsky Center technology commercialization team.


Learn about how to work with URA on contracts that pertain to your engagement with industry, including confidential disclosure agreements, clinical trial, material transfer agreements, and corporate contracts.





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