Erin Lane

Assistant Vice President for Science and Strategy

Assistant: Alison Teague
Phone: 773-834-8453

As Assistant Vice President for Science and Strategy, Erin Lane is responsible for developing and implementing science strategy across the University’s science, engineering, and innovation landscape. Erin works closely with faculty, deans, senior leadership, administrative units, and outside partners to identify and foster ideas with great potential that require deep collaboration. This includes developing new centers and institutes, securing funding from a range of sources, establishing partnerships to support science at scale, building links across the University and affiliated laboratories, and advancing the profile of UChicago Science on a global scale.

Erin has a track record of building new programs that require the efforts of individual experts, institutional cohesion, infrastructure, government, industry, philanthropy, policies, communication, smooth operations, and vision. With deep and varied experience working with people across disciplines and sectors, Erin specializes in driving forward large, interdisciplinary collaborations. This skill set leverages years as a practicing social worker.

Prior to her current role, Erin was the founding executive director of the Microbiome Center, which spans Argonne National Laboratory, the Marine Biological Laboratory, and the University of Chicago. Before joining UChicago, Erin launched and led a new organization at the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition, which developed statewide STEM education and workforce development programs. In her career as a social worker, Erin worked directly with families in medical, mental health, and juvenile justice settings in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Erin received her BA from Wheaton College and her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania.

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